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My story began with the love for everything visual and an inner urge to create the incredible.

Marked with ups, downs and many lessons learned I've come to learn what's what and what's not.

Now, with years of design and UX work behind me, I have the knowledge to navigate through a wide range of different fields and industries.

But your story is the reason you came here and I will help you make it the one that gets noticed, and more importantly, remembered - the one people talk about.

Let's have a word - stories@henryroch.com

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experience + open mind = innovation



Bonaefidei London   |    Web design & Implementation, Branding

My latest and one of the most challenging projects gave me a chance to really stretch the creative limits. The end results is a perfectly rounded answer to a world that's lacking in old schoold values. The brand image established Bonaefidei as the premiere choice in the universe of high quality luxury clothing. It’s the principles that are incorporated in each shirt and the reflection of the character of it’s wearer.
Their Polo shirts go beyond the mere fabric. They show the world who you are, as the values are represented through the pillar of character logo and the whole message that the Bonaefidei brand sends out to the world. The message of being a good person with strong morals and manners - a gentleman - a Bonaefidei man.


There is great pride in creating a masterpiece. And a greater pleasure in owning it.

I've always had a passion for extraordinary. Striving to rise above the status quo and at the same time inspiring others has been my goal from day one. It is an ideal I live by, design and create. To put ideas on paper and to make great brands a reality is what fuels my fire. What's your passion?

$ 1950
Your brand is the realization of your story. It's how people percieve you, your ideas and your company.
I want to change the world!
* Final price is subject to agreed specification.
Web / Applicatons
$ 1650
Seriously, who doesn't have a website nowadays? But an outstanding one, that's a different story.
I want to rock the digital!
* Price for design. Implementation cost is extra.
$ 95
We all need guidance. Some here, others there. It would be foolish to think otherwise. I'm here to help.
I want to learn and grow!
* Price for 1 hour of consultation.
Fresh, bold and passionate about what I do.
Years of professional experience and a never ending desire for discovering new ways of creating digital art have made it possible for Henry Roch to be in the forefront of branding and web design.

It's not enough to be, you must be great. Your story needs to resonate with your audience.

tell me your story at: stories@henryroch.com

Welcome to the future of apps where supreme user experience (UX) is interwoven with industry leading design.

Great ideas must also look great.

Show the world what you stand for.

Everything is a brand, but we only remember those special few.
In the world shaped by our desires there are many brands that, at first glance, cater to our wishes. But they don't feel right. The market seems flooded with rather generic ideas and products, where a presence of a soul or a higher purpose cannot be felt. It is only when brands achieve iconic status - when they successfully capture peoples desires and aspirations - are they able to inspire generations and create dreams. It is at this point that people start to see the brand as a reflection of themselves - a symbol of their beliefs and values.
A company without a well-defined brand lacks personality and character; it's like a garden where nothing is growing. Good Branding steers the product away from conforming to the dull institutional norms and instead breathes life into your products and soul to your services. It is a beautifully orchestrated concerto of elements crafted to elevate your business and inspire new clients.
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"It used to be enough for a business to have a website to be in front of the competition. Fast forward 20 years and the trends have evolved into a well designed desktop and mobile presence with superior apps and responsive content, all in a battle for attention."

Rok Premuz - Founder, UI/UX

Specializing in Web and App UX/UI.

For many brands and their products, the web or a mobile device is the first place people meet them. It's therefore important not only to be present but to make your presence felt. Using the right approach in distinct situations is something you can only learn through experience. I handcraft your website in a meticulous manner to make the presentation of your brand worthy of your values and products.




"We're very happy with the webstore. Everything works as expected,
- Morsh golf
"Glad we found you. We really like the modern and minimalistic design. Our page really looks fresh now!"
- Ostertrade
"Incredible. This is how a fashion website should look like. It was a joy working with Henry Roch."
- Bonaefidei London
Let's talk about fresh ideas.

Email me at stories@henryroch.com

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